Irrigation / Sprinkler

SVH landscaping services is a full-blown landscape service company that handles all of your irrigation and sprinkler needs in Phoenix and the surrounding cities. We do repairs, installation and replacements on any parts of all lawn sprinklers and drip systems. We also do installation, repair and replacement of everything. We will keep your lawn in tip top condition and offer you the highest level of quality and professionalism.

SVH Landscaping Services is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of expertise in sprinkler and irrigation installation, repair and replacement. We provide any and all types of sprinkler and irrigation services. Which includes a wide range of sprinkler replacement, complete sprinkler replacement and complete sprinkler system replacement. We can also provide irrigation repair, irrigation replacement and also complete irrigation installation. We also provide expertise in drip systems. Which does include drip system replacement and drip system installation.

SVH Landscaping Services offers a wide range of installation services whether it be on a new property or on an existing property, we can help by accessing the situation and will solve the problem by offering our expertise that best suits your lawn or landscape needs.

SVH Landscaping Services specialize in timers, leak detection and inspection of your valves, sprinkler repair, low pressure diagnosis and wiring systems. We also repair irrigation pipes, irrigation valves, fix broken sprinkler heads, vacuum breaker valves and back flow valves. Annual checks of these systems will help to maintain a properly running system

At SVH Landscaping Services we understand that not all lawns and landscapes are not the same so that is why our experts will help to customize, personalize and design the optimum sprinkler or irrigation system that will provide you with a beautiful and healthy lawn and landscape.

SVH Landscaping Services

SVH Landscaping Services offer: System Installation, System Check-ups, System Repairs, Backflow Prevention, Leak Detection, Nozzles, Timers/Controllers, Sprinkler Heads, Valves, Wiring Repairs and more!